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Movistar 951734874 Entel 937 123 928

I adore kittens , I additionally need the very best of the greatest

I adore kittens , I additionally need the very best of the greatest

I’m a leo (aug 6) and I also do not think money is important, but cheaper is actually annoying and all you people who consider the audience is stuck up KNOCK IT OFF. Our company is so named hurricanes therefore can take your down! Therefore if I had been your (thank goodness I am not) i might view my personal again.

Are a Leo woman I think nearly all of this is correct but again we disagree using thought that Leo women are materialistic. I find Leo people to be extremely superficial and materialistic but not the Leo girls We have came across. In my opinion that most Leo women truly concentrate on the most critical items in daily life and that I think about my personal home to get an extremely deep people.

I am a gemini sunshine with moonlight in taurus and a leo increasing, i agree with everything! every aspect of a leo female’s faculties fit myself in lots of ways, I am soo happy is a leo =D

I’m a 9 aug leo and I located the most of it true except for the materialistic and sports component.

We have been dating about 2 years today

omg! this really is anything like me. I really like elegant items as well. Once I shop , i act like no one is about. Styles and deluxe is approximately all I do believe in regards to. I’m 18 and I also however dont value punctuation. hahahaha. I must say I would like to stay like a queen. in addition im internet dating a taurus guy. im 18 and he’s 21. One problem though, He cheats alot! we never confront him about it and then he believes i don’t no but i do. I just remian loyal and desire he’ll turnaround and view simply how much I adore your. i’m extremely content with him and I also understand hes the only. we do not get the reason why the guy cheats. I have comments from a great deal of anyone i don’t no about how exactly gorgeous i’m. I address your so excellent as well. I usually cook your snacks lol. better anyways i loveee your and I also know one day he can recognize i am all he can ever before wanted. at the same time ill still work out and also by some expensive clothes to help my personal thinking. oh and perhaps some hot hues getting their attention. absolutely nothing cheers up my day like good costly necklace. anyways somewhat materialistic but hey the my personal character. Besides i’m the nicest female you’ll previously satisfy. we heal my friends and bf with admiration and prefer. all things considered arent leos just huge outdated kitties? hehehe

Personally I think that i’m obessed with a scorpio, they have a gf for 2 years, but I can not prevent thinking about your We truely believe he had been designed for myself or each other.

He has outstanding laugh, I simply cannot get over him. We have never dated the scorpio , or said any such thing. I just desire your and drweam of your and wish that certain time he becomes mine.

I enjoy that he is ambitous and likes to play

Iaˆ?m a fairly complex leo. We have a sunshine in leo, a scorpio moonlight, and a libra rising. I’m a rather dark leo, I have a great six awareness and quite often i personally use they and other circumstances We just be sure to ignore it. I for ages been interested in astrology and activities mysterious. I am crushing on a leo at this time. He’s my personal neighbors, the brotha is fine as hell! We drank along the other day but i’ve my personal protect up after getting dissed by a Cancer men not too long ago, (cancers guys might have a leo girl examining into a mental ward). Anyhow, he will state he is gonna phone call in which he wont contact. I’ll have a text information from your like 3 times afterwards or occasionally a week later stating that the guy thinks i am beautiful and then he misses talking to me. Precisely what the hell usually junk!? Well I decided to find revenge (my scorpio part) and never get back his phone calls, I want to see your you will need to claw through the wall structure to obtain me and when he becomes in I’ve currently shifted to larger and best activities, as he sulks. I’m 36 yrs . old in which he’s 38 years of age. Whenever I have infatuated I get INFATUATED WITH ANYBODY. It really is never ever half ass Really don’t fall in prefer but I get crushes alot, have any some other leo’s realize that about by themselves?

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