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6. How do I submit my personal article?

6. How do I submit my personal article?

The distribution techniques can differ by journal but complete directions on precisely how to distribute can be found in the aˆ?directions for authors’ section of the diary’s website on Taylor Francis on line. When you submit, it’s a wise decision to learn all of our distribution checklist and tick the things to be sure you’ve incorporated all you need to.

7. am i going to need to pay a submitting charge or publishing cost?

Nearly all of the publications don’t possess a distribution charge or publishing fee. However, there may sometimes be a payment for printing your numbers in tone. The aˆ?Instructions for authors’ webpage on Taylor Francis on the web for diary you are posting to will include details of any charge it is important to shell out.

If you should be submitting to a completely available accessibility (OA) diary, there can be likely to be articles writing charge (APC) should your submission is actually approved for book. There is the APC for just about any Taylor Francis journal utilizing all of our OA expense finder.

8. My post is currently in peer overview. Understanding the updates?

Any time you provided their post to a diary which utilizes an on-line system, such distribution Portal, ScholarOne Manuscripts or article supervisor, you ought to be in a position to view the position of post inside publisher Centre. Available a web link to the relevant creator heart about diary’s aˆ?guidance for Authors’ page on Taylor Francis on line.

You could deliver a contact directly to the journal Editorial Office from submission system for those who have any inquiries regarding the manuscript.

9. My article is in generation, or has now come released, and I posses a question. That do We contact?

The generation Editor must be the very first person your call for any queries. They shall be able to assist you with questions regarding proofs, the condition of post, and probably publication big date. They’re able to furthermore give you advice when you have identified an error or if perhaps a correction required.

You might get the details of the Production publisher during the most recent e-mail from our Central Article Tracking program (CATS). If you have not yet obtained a welcome email from KITTIES, that implies the journal’s publisher have not however registered your article into creation.

10. how do i communicate my published post?

Once you’ve published in a Taylor Francis or Routledge record, there are many ways you can express various versions of your own article with co-worker and friends. All of our guide to discussing your projects consists of an infographic to express the models of the post and just how it is possible to discuss them. Also provide a review of these fast guidelines on how to emphasize your printed work to guaranteed it will make a bearing. For just about any questions about just what copyright laws try and exactly how it affects you, see the instructions Copyright and you.

11. My article was released but i have noticed a mistake. Exactly what should I carry out?

You’ll initial need to review our modifications rules to know what kind of modifications we will create at what stages of publication. If you think that your error warrants a correction according to that policy next be sure to contact your generation publisher. Select their title and e-mail address inside newest e-mail your was given from your middle post monitoring System (CATS) how to use feabie.

But an increasing wide range of Taylor Francis journals has format-free submission, meaning, so long as the post is regular and include anything necessary for assessment, you are able to send perform without the need to worry about formatting your manuscript to get to know that diary’s specifications. The aˆ?Instructions for authors’ for your chosen journal will tell you whether or not it runs format-free distribution.

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