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EGALITARIAN : (adjective) : 1. regarding or believing in the principle that everyone

EGALITARIAN : (adjective) : 1. regarding or believing in the principle that everyone

MORAL SLUT: ( Colloquial) A person who freely chooses to have numerous parallel intimate connections in a moral and responsible means, and exactly who honestly revels because choice. Discover connected responsible non-monogamy. Commentary: the word comes from the book The Ethical Slut , which recommends reclaiming the phrase aˆ?slutaˆ? from the derogatory meaning of a promiscuous lady.

ERE (established partnership power): read ORE (Old/Original commitment electricity)

LIQUID CONNECTING: Of or linked to tactics which include the change of fluids, such barrier-free sexual intercourse and SADOMASOCHISM: A«blood playA» . Read linked condom deal.

FRIENDS WITH POSITIVE (FWB): an union whereby two (or maybe more) visitors establish a friendship which includes intercourse or intercourse, typically without the same type or amount of expectations or other practical or mental entanglements that generally come with enchanting relationships.

FUCK PAL: ( Colloquial; vulgar) read buddies with value.

FWB (ACRONYM): See pals with pros.

HINGE: (Colloquial; )see pivot.

HOTEP: anyone defined as or self-identifying as a Hotep usually has actually beliefs as follows (though you’ll find always exclusions, like in anything else):

aˆ“ black nationalistaˆ“ feel everything/most good facts completed happened to be accomplished by black ppl and white ppl afterwards lied about itaˆ“ old Egypt may be the root/center of black colored records and traditions (distinction this to dark Hebrew Israelites who feel biblical Jews are black colored and Egypt was still the bad guy)aˆ“ big sense of patriarchy. The guy is actually king. The woman are queen. The person is actually fee, the girl try subordinate.aˆ“ OPP or harem relationship rulesaˆ“ homophobiaaˆ“ misogynyaˆ“ poisonous masculinityaˆ“ stronger focus on building, whether it is forums, aˆ™empiresaˆ™, etc

Youaˆ™ll notice that certain characteristics arenaˆ™t naturally terrible (like developing communities and these). The problem they usually triggers with lots of (typically younger people just like me) is the fact that the aˆ?goodaˆ™ everything is almost always combined with the seriously toxic things such as homophobia/misogyny/etc. And itaˆ™s quite normal for many ppl to bring a concept like building and make ppl/women into objects towards that conclusion, basically poor. aˆ“ Marcus Pyles, Sep 5 , 2018 in a thread when you look at the fb party, Black & Poly.

Composing eloquently the Root, Damon Young defined a hotep as aˆ?a individual whoaˆ™s either a clueless parody of Afrocentricityaˆ? or aˆ?loudly, conspicuously and obnoxiously pro-black but anti-progress.aˆ? Might 8

KITCHEN TABLE POLYAMORY: dining table Polyamory was another name despite poly circles. They minichat tips makes reference to poly affairs in which everybody in the polycule are comfy seated collectively at the dining room table with a cup of coffees. Folks who like dining room table polyamory want to know their own metamours and be pals together. They might desire their own children in addition to their metamouraˆ™s young ones to pay time along, or their unique metamouraˆ™s various other couples getting comfy phoning them up to prepare a shock party along.

LDR (initialism): discover long-distance relationship.

LONG-DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP (LDR): a connection wherein the people involved usually do not reside collectively, and tend to be split by great ranges; because, as an example associates who live in various metropolitan areas, in numerous reports, if not in numerous countries.

LOVESTYLE: variety of personal relationship, sexual and/or romantic; aˆ?lovestyleaˆ™ can be used regularly in the dark & Poly a„? society. Read partnership positioning. Application: common in New Age or tantra forums, in line with the a lot more than Two glossary.

MARRIAGE: a relationship, most commonly between one-man and another woman in Western region, that is sanctioned because of the county and/or by a spiritual establishment and which confers upon its users particular social and economic climates, typically like liberties of combined land possession, liberties of inheritance as well as decision-making in appropriate and health things, and certain protection under the law and duties with regards to common youngsters rearing. These rights and obligations need varied eventually and after this range from location to place, but common to any or all of them may be the expectation that people that are partnered have been in a legally respected, financially entwined, committed connection which can be maybe not trivial to split up. Typically, marriages in most Western nations carry with these people expectations of sexual and emotional monogamy. Discover appropriate sealed wedding, available wedding, people relationship, polygamy, polygyny,polyandry.

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